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Ben Jonson’s Vlog #4: What is Fun Cannot be Un-fun


Ben Jonson’s Vlog is based on characters created in Blank Verse, a webseries about William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and the great writers of their time re-imagined as modern day university students. Watch for new episodes of Ben Jonson’s Vlog every Tuesday and Friday.

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Episode 4 Credits

A Nik Nok Media Production

Written by Scott Button
Directed by Laura McLean

Starring Emma Middleton as Ben Jonson
Featuring Xander Williams as Will Shakespeare

Executive Producer- Amanda Konkin
Director of Photography- Ryan Caron
Toronto Location Manager — Sara Konkin

Editor- Ryan Caron

Transmedia Producer- Laura McLean
Associate Producers- Emma Middleton, Andrew Lynch

Casting Director- Andrew Lynch

Key Hair & Makeup Artist — Stacia Scriba
Costume Designer- Laura Fukumoto

Lighting Designer — Nathanael Vass

Title Design- Ryan Caron
Title Sound Design/Composer- David Cowling

Special Thanks- Jeff Hammond, Chelsea Powrie, Chris Cook, Gaelan Beatty

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