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Ben Jonson’s Vlog #10: Pinball Machine Vomit- the Ben Jonson Story

World’s Worst Hangover (i’m dying) with a side order of BETRAYAL
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Ben Jonson’s Vlog is based on characters created in Blank Verse, a webseries about William Shakespeare, Ben Jonson and the great writers of their time re-imagined as modern day university students. Watch for new episodes of Ben Jonson’s Vlog every Tuesday and Friday.

For a full list of episodes and more information about the series check out the Blank Verse website:

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Episode 10 Credits

A Nik Nok Media Production

Written by Scott Button
Directed by Laura McLean

Starring Emma Middleton as Ben Jonson
Featuring Agnes Tong as Gabrielle Spenser and Scott Button as Thomas Nashe
with Cathy Burnett as Ben’s Mom

Executive Producer- Amanda Konkin
Director of Photography- Ryan Caron

Editor- Ryan Caron

Transmedia Producer- Laura McLean
Associate Producers- Emma Middleton, Andrew Lynch

Casting Director- Andrew Lynch

Key Hair & Makeup Artist — Stacia Scriba
Costume Designer- Laura Fukumoto

Title Design- Ryan Caron
Title Sound Design/Composer- David Cowling

Special Thanks: Chelsea Powrie, Chris Cook, Zoe Green, Gaelan

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