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Blankverse Halloween Feature | Ben Jonson’s Vblog

// Happy Halloween

Blankverse Halloween Feature | Ben Jonson’s Vblog

Ben Jonson has a few thoughts about being excluded from Halloween Festivities at Bankside University.

Ben’s Vlog is a special presentation as part of the Blank Verse series. Blank Verse is a webseries about William Shakespeare and the great writers of his time re-imagined as modern day university students.


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The Messenger Speech Newspaper with Reporter Georgia Roberta Green-Peele


A Nik Nok Media Production

Written by Scott Button

Directed by Laura McLean


Executive Producer- Amanda Konkin

Production Manager- Ryan Caron

Producer/Casting Director- Andrew Lynch

Videographer- Ryan Caron

Editor- Shelby Bushell

Transmedia Producer- Laura McLean

Additional Crew and Production Design: Andrew Lynch, Laura McLean and Amanda Konkin



Ben Jonson- Emma Middleton

Ben’s Mom- Cathy Burnett