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Act IV Scene III

Act IV Scene III

Richard Burbage and Thomas Kyd convince Ben Jonson to let loose.

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Will Shakespeare’s Blog:
The Messenger Speech Newspaper with Reporter Georgia Roberta Green-Peele

Act 4 Scene 3 Credits:
A Nik Nok Media Production

Directed by Nathanael Vass
Written By Aaron Adams, Charlie Allison and Xander Williams

Executive Producer- Amanda Konkin
Production Manager- Ryan Caron
Producer- Andrew Lynch

1st A.D.- Emily Tyler
Cinematographer- Charlie Allison
2nd Camera Op- Olivia Todd
Sound Designer and Composer- David Cowling
Editor- Graeme Higginson
Title Sequence- Asher Isbrucker
Colour Correction- Charlie Allison
Production Designer- Carolyn Rapanos
Makeup Leads- Stacia Daley and Adrianna Ekying
Makeup Team- Anna Yan
Costume Designer- Laura Fukumoto
Costume Assistant- Jasina Jenson
Transmedia Producer- Laura McLean

Xander Williams- Will Shakespeare
Claire Hesselgrave- Chris Marlowe
Emma Middleton- Ben Jonson
Matt Reznek — Thomas Kyd
Andrew Lynch- Richard Burbage
Pippa Johnstone- Georgia Roberta Green-Peele
Deb Pickman- Professor Tudor
Dr. Errol Durbach- Professor Essex
Background Cast:
Laura Fukumoto- Quince

Special Thanks to Beaumont Studios