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Act IV Scene II

Act IV Scene II

In an effort to befriend Richard Burbage, Ben Jonson finds herself at Bankside’s World Theatre Studio where rehearsals are currently underway for Thomas Kyd’s ‘Hamlet’.

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Act 4 Scene 2 Credits:
A Nik Nok Media Production

Directed by Nathanael Vass
Written By Aaron Adams, Charlie Allison and Xander Williams

Executive Producer- Amanda Konkin
Production Manager- Ryan Caron
Producer- Andrew Lynch

1st A.D.- Emily Tyler
Cinematographer- Charlie Allison
2nd Camera Op- Olivia Todd
Sound Designer and Composer- David Cowling

Production Designer- Carolyn Rapanos
Makeup Leads- Stacia Daley and Adrianna Ekying
Makeup Team- Anna Yan

Costume Designer- Laura Fukumoto
Costume Assistant- Jasina Jenson
Editor- Graeme Higginson
Title Sequence- Asher Isbrucker
Colour Correction- Graeme Higginson
Transmedia Producer- Laura McLean

Emma Middleton- Ben Jonson
Matt Reznek — Thomas Kyd
Andrew Lynch- Richard Burbage
Pippa Johnstone- Georgia Roberta Green-Peele
Paul Griggs – Philip Henslowe
Georgia Beaty- Alex Cooke
Mishelle Cutler – Eleanor Bull

Background Cast:
Agnes Tong- Gabriel Spenser
Ingrid Cheung- Ariel
Alexis Thibeault- Puck

Special Thanks to Beaumont Studios